24>30th april 2017  

Join us for a Road Trip to Scotland, from Paris to Scotland in 9 days. 


You should come


You are welcomed to join a small crew of riders leaving to Scotland from London in a few months. If you like riding long-distances, creating content on they way or capturing a great story, you should really come. 

This is a group ride, joining the trip is free and we encourage riders who don't have a traditional motorbike to come along (+125cc would be great though). 


Why Scotland ?

I've never seen anyone return from Scotland disappointed. Reaching the isle of Skye has been one of my dreams but also a coveted challenge many riders keep turning down. Now is the opportunity to get there together and face the good and the bad moments that make this adventure so special. 

Escape the city for a couple days, it can only be good for you.

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Plan this trip with us
We believe everyone can bring a solid contribution to this road trip. 

By crowdsourcing, we ultimately get the best routes, restaurants, panoramic views, places to stay, medical equipment to pack that wouldn't be possible if it was organised by a single person. 

How to contribute
Every week, we contribute on a crowdsourcing platform to discuss and finalise every detail fo the road trip. 

Next debate : Date coming soon / The Bike Shed, 384 Old St, London EC1V 9LT

10 drivers


• CAR / SUV / 4x4

We are currently accepting 2 cars to be part of the road trip and become assistance vehicles if necessary. 
Having a car with a big trunk capacity and available space to carry extra-bags will be a plus.

For the pre-selection, please let us know if you are interested and we will contact you for more details. 

Read the rules for more information



• Motorcycle

We are currently accepting 10 motorcycles to be part of the road trip.
Great-Britain offers a Difficulty of driving : Easy but long hours

  • Type of motorcycle : Custom / Dual / Trail
  • Power : +125cc
  • Fuel capacity : +16L 

For the pre-selection, please let us know if you are interested and we will contact you for more details. 

Read the rules for more information


"an adventure made for content creators"


Do you agree with our Core Values? 

1. Adventure First

We trade the easy route for the scenic option.
We will drive the extra-mile to get the perfect shot.

2. Sharing is caring

We solve problems together and never let anyone behind.
We help each other create our perfect shots.

3. Wild at heart

This is an adventure. Sometimes we will get lost but that's the point. 

" Thoughtful logistics and routes "

Because we are content creators, we will make sure : 
Stay far from tourist traps
Schedule our routes to have plenty of time to create content (lighting / weather)
Keep connected and share the this trip live. 



the route


DEPARTURE : London, The Bike shed

Route to be confirmed

  1. London - 9am. 
    City Center / The Bike Shed 384 Old St, London EC1V 9LT
  2. York (4h30 drive)
    Nothing special, going north
  3. Glasgow
    Back on the lands + Scotland capital
  4. Braemar (2h25 drive)
    Caingorms national park
  5. Aberlour (1h25 drive)
    Whisky Trail
  6. Aberlour (speciale : 3h)
    Explore the region for content creation
  7. Isle of Skye (4h20 drive)
    Old man of Storr
  8. Isle of Skye (speciale + final climb)
    Explore the area + possibility to visit islands. 


  1. Fort William : (3h40 drive)
    Traveling through the islands
  2. Glasgow (2h30 drive)
    Back to Glasgow, end of the trip. 




We would love to have your opinion and let us know if this trip interests you in any way. 
Not interested? Let us know why!

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