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Meet us on Blab for a live discussion. Remember to register first. 

Route / Leg 1

Validate the following : 

Leg (1/10)
> Paris to London

To decide : Eurotunnel or Ferry ?
Do we stay in London or Camp outside of the city ?

Leg (2/10)
London to York

• To discuss : Alternative route : Manchester / Liverpool (could be faster but not as cool)


List the items necessary for the trip and create checklist to share with everyone :

Total Trip
Basic repairs : Tire punctures repair set / Battery cables / Towing cord / what else?
Assistance : Dedicated car (Partner car?) - Do we need one?


Basic costs of the total trip
Budget : First draft of the budgeting of the trip
Camping or hotel : Decision will change the price of the trip

open discussion

Total Trip
Insurance : Can we get roadside assistance for everyone? At what price? 


Following our meeting on the 31st of july, we will proceed to the next leg of the journey

  • ROUTE / LEG2
  • COST