Updated : 3 August 2016 by Brian McLeavy


content creators

To participate, you must be an active Content Creator with a social presence (Instagram / Youtube / Snapchat / Other). photographers, videographers, vloggers, instagramers, writers, with a form of instant publication. 

Profile acceptance is based on the quality of the content produced and not necessarily on your audience. We will release a more transparent criteria selection soon.


Personal Vehicles : Make sure you have the proper insurance to travel to Scotland. Most of European Insurances cover you properly (even during the Brexit) but we strongly advise you to make a quick call and check. A copy of your insurance documents will be required to validate your place on the rally. 

Press Vehicles : Same as personal vehicles with propre authorisation to take the vehicle out of it's territory (france most of the time)


Passport & ID's 
Also make sure you have a valid Passport that won't expire during the trip. 


Vehicle conditions
Vehicle must comply with environmental regulations and pass French or English M.O.T (depending on residency of the vehicle):
- Tires have enough thread to sustain long driving distances. Off-road are accepted but not required. 
- Brakes in good conditions with at least 2 000km to go.

We don't rent vehicles. You will need to come (and leave) with your own car or motorbike. Rented or Press cars are allowed with proper documentation and signed approvals. 

We are working on with a transporter that could potentially return all the cars + bikes from Scotland back to Paris with a stop in London. This ideal solution would allow everyone to return by plane from Glasgow without having to drive all they way down. 

Cars :  Up to 2 passengers are allowed in Car/Suv's. The assigned driver must be present during the entire trip and is responsible for his passengers. 

Motorbikes : 1 rider per motorcycle. Press or rented motorcycles allowed with proper documentation.


A deposit of 150€ will be required to secure your place. This amount is used to fund the recognition trip before the Scotland Run. 


This amount will be refunded if your profile isn't selected or if you cancel 30 days before the trip.


Is this a travel agency?

No. This is a side project by a group of road trip enthusiasts.